One Light Music Producions, Inc. is a company dedicated to increasing accessibility to all forms of art. Through the development of its online services, One Light Music allows musicians and sound designers, filmmakers, photographers, and graphic artists alike to collaborate. Our custom music services enhance live performance, entertainment projects, and cultural experiences, and as digital technologies are developed and made more affordable, One Light Music's services and online platforms will continue to play a key role in the dissemination of digital multimedia content worldwide.

One Light Music was founded in 2003 by David Negron, a graduate of the prestigious Flora L. Thornton school of Music at the University of Southern California. Our key mission is to erase boundaries by connecting people through music and the visual arts while empowering their creative freedom.

We currently operate three online music distribution services. In 2004, we launched Productiontrax.com, which has since developed into one of the leading digital microstock marketplaces in the world, connecting thousands of independent composers, videographers, and photographers to ther multimedia producers worldwide through the distribution of royalty free audio, video, and photos. We also created Spiritrax.com in 2006, which provides backing tracks and karaoke-style accompaniment tracks for use in worship, meditation, and other faith-based applications to thousands of customers worldwide. With the launch of Cause.fm in 2010, artists have the ability to make an impact on their communities and the world by raising money and awareness for nonprofits and causes they believe in.

  • productiontrax

    Royalty free music, sound effects, stock footage and photos.

    Productiontrax.com is the ultimate in online royalty free multimedia distribution and licensing for independent musicians, composers, photographers and filmmakers worldwide. visit the site


  • spiritrax

    Accompaniment tracks and karaoke for worship and meditation.

    Spiritrax.com is a one-stop MP3 download resource for fully-customizable professional backing tracks (karaoke music) designed specifically for use in worship and meditation. visit the site


  • cause.fm

    Social-minded independent music. Spread the word. Change the world.

    Cause.fm gives independent artists the ability to make an impact on their communities and the world by raising money and awareness for causes they believe in. visit the site