Custom Karaoke and Accompaniment Tracks
As a provider of music for theaters and film productions, we understand that most Karaoke CDs on the market for broadway and off-broadway musicals are usually lacking for performance purposes, often missing critical underscores for dialog, or deviating from original keys, forms, and scored instrumentation. Karaoke CDs also normally have no scene change music, dance numbers, and other critical pieces. That's where we come in.

We create customized karaoke backing tracks for theaters and musical theater students, actors, and enthusiasts, even backing tracks for church performances, auditions, anything else you can possibly think of. Simply send us a copy of your score with specific instructions about what you need, and we'll record it from the ground up for you using state-of-the art studio recording equipment, samples, and live instruments. Our process is easier and cheaper than hiring and rehearsing an orchestra to play at your shows, and is reliable -- perfect for a long run or for intense rehearsals -- and it sounds great! Most customers can't believe their ears! In fact, our tracks are so good, they've been used by professional musicians, karaoke companies, theaters, and schools across the country.

Pricing generally depends on a number of factors, including how much or how little score information you have, how long the song is, and the orchestrational complexity of the score. You will find our prices reasonable and affordable. Remember, you're paying for a custom track recorded from the ground up -- that involves lots of man hours (6hrs miminum per track) and expertise to do transcriptions, arrangements, performing and recording.

In general, you can expect a full show with complete orchestrations for 10-25 songs to cost between $1500 and $4000. Individual tracks run from $150-$300 depending on length and complexity.

*discounts are available for full show orders and first-time clients

Turnaround Time
While turnaround varies depending on the scale and complexity of each project, we normally finish individual tracks within 24-48 hours of receipt, and entire musical scores (for an entire full-length show) within about 2-3 weeks of receiving your scores, though you can download finished tracks as they are completed. We can overnight a CD to you, or provide MP3 download from our servers as we finish tracks, or deliver in other formats like minidisc or dat.

What We Need From You
Send us your orchestration/conductor score (either hard copy or pdf via email), or a copy (we return all scores and materials via overnight mail once your project is complete and paid), notes or special instructions (ie cuts, tempos, keys, etc), and any other supporting materials you feel are relevant.

Performance Rights
If you are performing these works, you MUST have obtained performance rights. No matter what anyone says, it is illegal to perform shows or their songs, including making new recordings or selling copies, without first obtaining clearance from the show's rights administrator.

Our Process:

(1) project evaluation - (2) quote - (3) customer deposit and agreement - (4) project completion and delivery - (5) final invoice

Because we often work long distance with our clients, a signed project agreement is required before we start work on your project. Projects are normally billed upon completion, though in certain instances you may be required to make a deposit. Pre-paid projects get first priority. This ensures that you get the best work possible, and that there are no surprises along the way.

You can pay via check or money order (when you in send your score), by phone with visa, mastercard, or american express, by PayPal, or by institutional purchase order. (If you provide a purchase order, or have made other special payment arrangements, the project may not need a deposit). We may, however, hold your score materials until the project has been paid for in full.

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